A bit about me.

I am a United States Air Force Veteran and student at Granite State College nearly done with my B.S in Technology Management. I have accumulated a plethora of skills from both experience that allows me to be an excellent communicator, critical thinker, and adept learner. I use what I learned to give the best service possible when working with me.

While I did amazing work in a precision measurement equipment laboratory for the Air Force, won multiple Airman of the quarter, Non-commission officer of the quarter awards and Completed my A.A.S in Electronic Systems Technology with the Community College of the Air Force, I always wanted to be in a career that suits my interest as well as excites me. I realized what that was once I took my first programming class in my degree program. Learning to code is exhilarating and getting the code to work is an indescribable feeling. After taking time to learn about some front-end languages, I knew instantly that I wanted to challenge myself more in this venture.

From serving six years in the United States Air Force as a Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory Technician turned supervisor to nearing the completion of my Bachelor of Science Degree in Technology Management, I know all too well what it means to committing to work. I took the time to commit to learning the skills needed to be a competent frontend web developer because I was committed to the learning process. Just as I committed to everything else in my life, I will commit to supporting you in your commitment to your own professional endeavors.


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